Riding Rainbows

Cycling has been a source of many happy, magical moments in my life and yet also connects me to my stubborn determination to go faster, further, higher. I was seeking a design that was graphically simple and conceptually about the magic of riding, but which on closer inspection would give a nod to the rush of adrenaline, the grimace of determination that even a unicorn riding rainbows would sport as it charges toward the finish line.
Printed as an edition of 100 on 100lb smart white, in four overlapping colors on a metallic silver background by the technical geniuses at Chux printshop in Minneapolis.



Artcrank 2018
Downtown Minneapolis


Printed in an edition of 99
Available on Etsy

The Show

Artcrank Show 2018

The steady growth in attendance to shows meant this year's show was held in the large first floor space of the IDS Tower in down town Minneapolis. Thousands of people, food trucks, bikes everywhere... it really is quite a scene.