Travel Site Redesign

MER conducts continuing education programs for physicians but they do it in amazing locations. The stated problem was that potentials customers who discover MER online believe it’s too good to be true. To help combat that hesitancy I designed a site that moves users gracefully from initial marketing message to a robust browsing tool for finding classes by subject, location, date and then allows them to book classes with a few simple clicks.

My involvement included UX, visual design, copy writing and stakeholder engagement. Sourcing dramatic destination photography and writing pithy headlines gave the brand a new spark and helped it look legitimate.

Much of the experience is spent browsing modules (sorted by seminar dates or location) that scale open revealing more details to create a more sophisticated user experience than competitors.



MER (Medical Education Resources)


Website Redesign


Creed Interactive

Creative Team

  • Creative Direction / Todd Zerger
  • Design / Todd Zerger
  • UX / Todd Zerger
  • Copywriting / Todd Zerger