Global Site Redesign

Pentair needed to bring a number of disparate product line sites together into a single, global website. We worked with product owners around the world to create a new look and AEM templates that could support multiple languages and wide variety of products (from pumps for water to filters for oil, targeting clients from coffee shops to municipalities).

In addition to many distinct product lines the site needed to support Pentair’s push to move beyond products as they evolved into a comprehensive solutions provider. Product categories, global business units, solution categories and sub-brands all required support as entry points for customers.





Website Redesign



Creative Team

  • Creative Direction / Todd Zerger
  • Design / Todd Zerger + Adam Hickey
  • UX Design / Mathew Doty + Joy Renee

UX Design

Site structure

To successfully restructure the new site and meet some tricky criteria, we had to help Pentair think through how the brands would present themselves relative to the parent brand. To guide them we visualized structures for branded house vs. house of brands approaches to work through which model would best support the business goals and user understanding.

UX + Visual Design

Search results

To help search work harder we designed a powerful search results page that provides visual results as well as post search filtering . User's can toggle to a simple search results list if desired.