What designer doesn’t love type? Naturally I couldn’t resist the call to participate in the ‘For the Love of Letters’ poster show. Prints from the limited edition of 140 have been sold to type enthusiasts as far afield as Japan, Australia and Finland. Drop me a line if you’re in Switzerland. I’d love to send one to the land that’s never neutral when it comes to type.

The design is a play on the iconic optometry (eye exam) chart but the test here is to see with the eyes of a typographer. There are 45 different fonts represented and all there is to aid identification are the capital “A” and lower case “a” for each. Perfect for taking your obsession to the next level or putting your local type fanatic to the test.



For the Love of Letters 2012
Big Table Studios


Printed in an edition of 140
Available on Etsy

The Show

For the Love of Letters

Big Table Studio
Saint Paul