Microsoft Surface App

When Microsoft introduced its surface tablet and phone it needed to build a collection of apps to make the platform more compelling. Partnering with Cinemark theaters we designed a touch-based app using Microsoft’s Metro Design system. The design including daylight and low light versions, and the ability to purchase and display tickets on device.

We came up with schemes that would allow advertising and incentives to be mixed in with the film titles when browsing. Theaters can be located and loyalty points managed in app.



Cinemark / Microsoft


Surface App



Creative Team

  • Creative Direction / Todd Zerger
  • Design / Todd Zerger + Melissa Lahn
  • UX Design / Amy Lehan

UX Design

Use it in the dark simple

Microsoft's goal was to have as much of the interaction as possible happen in response to touch. Thus all menus are revealed on swipe and pagination is primarily the result of tap and slide gestures. A simple structure was intended to keep the surprises and confusion to a minimum while users adapted to this new paradigm.